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Welcome to the world of Puffin Drinkware coozies, or rather, the Puffin Beverage Jacket, yes, sometimes literally a jacket, where your drinks stay cool and your style stays hot! Puffin coozies are a popular brand of insulated beverage holders that come in a wide variety of colors and designs, perfect for any personality or occasion. I’m pretty sure this qualifies them for one of the cutest and fashionable drink insulator options on the market!

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Puffin – The Puffy Beverage Jacket, Insulated Can Cooler, Black

Puffin – The Puffy Beverage Jacket, Insulated Can Cooler, Black

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Puffin – The Puffy Beverage Jacket, Insulated Can Cooler, Lavender

Puffin – The Puffy Beverage Jacket, Insulated Can Cooler, Lavender


Puffin Beverage Jackets

Not only are Puffin Drinkware koozies functional, but they are also incredibly stylish.  And by stylish, I mean your cocktails will have their own closet of clothing options! The brand offers a wide rangeof colors and patterns to suit any taste, from classic solid colors to fun and trendy designs and fashionable styles. You can even grab a sleeping bag for your cocktail, or a puffer jacket, maybe a parka is more your style?  A little fur trim action for you fashion forward peeps?  Maybe you are a flannel lover, they have you covered there too.  You can even find one for your 80’s party!  Seriously so fun.

puffin drinkware

Puffin koozies are also incredibly versatile, fitting a wide range of beverage sizes and types, from slim cans to larger wine bottles. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing soda, a crisp beer, or a sweet summer cocktail, Puffin koozies will keep your drinks cool and your hands dry.  Now if you’re thinking, it’s summer, why am I drinking a cocktail with a jacket…. don’t worry, there are also Puffin Drinkware ‘life jackets’ that are perfectly themed for the summer months. And yes… they will save your drink from drowning… just hope that it’s still closed haha.  There is now also their Aloha collection which is, you guessed it, Hawaiian shirts.

They now also have robes, leather biker jackets, jean vests, wetsuits (or a rashguard maybe), sweatshirts, spacesuits, and more!  Like how fun is that seriously.  Why not just get a closet for your cocktails?

Puffin Drinkware has recently introduced a new and improved design for their can cooler, catering to the needs of cold beverage enthusiasts. The two layers of thermal insulation ensure that the temperature of the beverage remains consistent, from the first sip to the last. The new design features a rubberized base for added stability, while the premium liner offers a durable feel and keeps drink chilled.

Aside from coozies, Puffin also offers wine bottle koozies that will keep your vino chilled while you’re enjoying a picnic or a day at the beach.

Puffin has even come out with slippers to match with your drink sleeve!

No only will the Puffin Drinkware sleeves keep your drink cold, but they will also protect your hands from getting too cold on camping trips or places where you still want a cool drink without cooling down yourself!  Think hot tub in the mountains, or a cool night on the campgrounds.  How perfect would one of the puffer jackets be there!

So, grab a Puffin coozie and keep your drinks cool in style!


About Puffin Drinkware

Puffin Drinkware is a company that has a passion for the outdoors and a desire to create a sense of community and fun through the sharing of cold beverages. Their products are designed with quality and care to keep drinks cold during memorable moments, from camping trips and outdoor adventures, to chilling by the beach or pool.

puffin koozie

Founded in 2018 in Bend, Oregon, the idea for Puffin Drinkware was conceived during a camping trip by co-founder Tyrone Hazen and his friends when one of them handed him a piece of flannel sleeping bag to wrap around his drink. The conversation led to the concept of a “sleeping bag for your beer,” which later became the first prototype of the Puffin drink cooler.

In recognition of their commitment to quality and community, Puffin Drinkware won the Best Gift award at the AtlantaMart Gift Show in 2021.  They also are part of Pledge 1% and donate a percentage of their proceeds to a variety of organizations.

Whether you’re a rock climber, fisherman, boater, snowboarder, or just like lounging with a cool drink, Puffin Drinkware is there to help you keep your beverages cold and your conversations flowing.

Click here if you are interested in learning more about the Puffin Drinkware brand and the other products they offer!

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