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RTIC coozies and coolers are renowned for their exceptional quality and affordability, making them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The brand’s rotomolded coolers are overbuilt to withstand rugged outdoor conditions while keeping drinks and perishables ice-cold for extended periods. Additionally, a RTIC can cooler offers reliable insulation for cans and bottles, ensuring your favorite beverages stay refreshingly cold during outdoor adventures.

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RTIC Cocktail Tumbler Insulated Stainless Steel Metal Drink Tumbler Glasses with Lid, Travel Cup, Hot and Cold Beverage, Portable, Beach

RTIC Cocktail Tumbler Insulated Stainless Steel Metal Drink Tumbler Glasses with Lid, Travel Cup, Hot and Cold Beverage, Portable, Beach

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RTIC Travel Coffee Cup (16 oz), Flamingo

RTIC Travel Coffee Cup (16 oz), Flamingo


RTIC Coozies

When it comes to keeping your favorite beverages perfectly chilled, RTIC Coozies have earned a reputation for being the ultimate companion. Crafted from stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation, these coozies are designed to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature, ensuring maximum enjoyment in any setting.

The 12oz Can Cooler, one of RTIC’s signature offerings, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to excellence. Its double-wall insulation retains the temperature of your beverages, keeping them refreshingly cold or piping hot for longer periods. No more worrying about lukewarm drinks or quick temperature changes – RTIC Coozies maintain the ideal conditions, so you can savor every sip.

Durability is a hallmark of RTIC can coolers. Constructed from 18/8 stainless steel, these coozies are built to withstand the rigors of your adventurous lifestyle. Whether you’re hiking through rough terrains or relaxing by the pool, your RTIC Coozie will remain in pristine condition, ensuring you have a reliable beverage companion for all your escapades.

The sleek and compact design of the 12oz Can Cooler makes it portable and versatile. It effortlessly fits into cup holders, making it an ideal companion for road trips, camping adventures, or days at the beach. Its lightweight construction allows for easy carrying, ensuring you’re always prepared to enjoy your drinks in style, no matter where you go.

RTIC Coolers

When it comes to outdoor adventures, having a reliable cooler by your side is essential. RTIC Coolers have carved a niche for themselves in the market by delivering exceptional cooling performance and unmatched durability. Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip, going on a fishing expedition, or tailgating with friends, RTIC Coolers are designed to keep your food and beverages at the perfect temperature throughout your journey.

Hard Coolers: Power-packed Performance for Endless Exploration

RTIC Hard Coolers are the epitome of ruggedness and durability, perfectly tailored for the adventurous spirit. Constructed with heavy-duty materials, these coolers are built to withstand the harshest conditions, making them a dependable companion for all your outdoor pursuits.

One of RTIC’s standout offerings in the hard cooler category is the Halftime Water Cooler. Tailgating just got even better with this innovative cooler that features a unique design allowing you to view the drink levels inside. Now, you can keep track of your beverage supply without opening the cooler, ensuring you never run out of refreshing drinks during those exciting game days.

The Halftime Water Cooler is a game-changer for tailgating enthusiasts. Its clear and durable exterior not only allows you to check the drink levels but also adds a fun and interactive element to the party. No more guessing how much you have left – with the Halftime Water Cooler, you’re always in the know.

But the outstanding features of RTIC Hard Coolers don’t stop there. These coolers are equipped with industry-leading insulation technology, such as the heavy-duty T-latches and freezer-grade gaskets, ensuring ice retention for days. So, whether you’re camping in the wild or spending a day out on the boat, your drinks will remain refreshingly cold, allowing you to focus on making memories.

RTIC Hard Coolers also prioritize convenience. The no-fail hinges make it easy to open and close the cooler even in rugged conditions, and the integrated locking system keeps your contents secure. With a variety of sizes available, you can choose the perfect cooler that matches your needs, from the compact 20-quart to the spacious 145-quart, ideal for larger gatherings or extended trips.

Soft Cooler Bags: Versatile and Portable Cooling Solutions

For those seeking a lighter and more portable cooling solution, RTIC Soft Cooler Bags fit the bill perfectly. Crafted with the same dedication to quality and performance, these cooler bags offer exceptional insulation without the bulkiness of hard coolers.

RTIC Soft Cooler Bags come in various sizes, from the compact 8-can capacity to the more spacious 30-can capacity, making them versatile companions for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to the beach, having a picnic in the park, or attending a sporting event, these cooler bags keep your food and drinks chilled and ready to enjoy.

The portability of RTIC Soft Cooler Bags is a game-changer for those on the move. The adjustable shoulder straps and padded handles provide comfortable carrying options, and the durable exterior ensures your cooler bag can withstand the bumps and jostles of your journey.

Just like their hard cooler counterparts, RTIC Soft Cooler Bags boast superior insulation technology, utilizing closed-cell foam to lock in the cold. The easy-access flip-top lid allows you to grab your favorite beverage or snack without having to open the entire bag, keeping the rest of the contents insulated.

RTIC Soft Cooler Bags are also designed with practicality in mind. The external pockets provide additional storage for essentials like utensils, napkins, or sunscreen, while the antimicrobial liner prevents the growth of bacteria, keeping your cooler bag fresh and clean for every adventure.

The Halftime Water Cooler: Perfect Tailgating Companion

The Halftime Water Cooler from RTIC is a standout product, specially designed for tailgating enthusiasts who want to take their game day experience to the next level. This innovative cooler is not your average beverage dispenser; it features a clear exterior that allows you to see the drink levels inside, eliminating the need to open the cooler to check how much you have left.

With the Halftime Water Cooler, you can keep your drinks chilled and easily accessible throughout the game. Its clear and durable design adds a fun and interactive element to your tailgating setup, allowing guests to see what’s inside and choose their favorite beverage without interrupting the party.

This unique cooler is also equipped with RTIC’s signature insulation technology, ensuring your drinks stay refreshingly cold for the entire duration of the game. The Halftime Water Cooler is a true game-changer for tailgating, providing convenience, style, and functionality in one portable package.

More RTIC Products

In addition to their renowned coolers, RTIC Outdoors offers an impressive range of outdoor gear and accessories designed to enhance your adventures and make your outdoor experiences even more enjoyable. From drinkware to backpacks, RTIC has got you covered with top-notch products that deliver the same level of quality and performance that their coolers are known for.

Drinkware: RTIC’s line of drinkware is built to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold. Their tumblers, mugs, and water bottles are crafted with double-wall vacuum insulation, ensuring your drinks stay hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. With a variety of sizes and colors available, you can find the perfect drinkware to suit your needs and style.

Backpacks and Bags: RTIC offers a selection of backpacks and bags that are designed to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures. From daypacks for hiking and camping to duffel bags for travel, these products are made with durable materials and practical features to keep your belongings organized and secure.

Water Bottles: Stay hydrated on the go with RTIC’s water bottles. Available in various sizes and styles, these bottles are made with stainless steel and equipped with leak-proof lids, making them perfect for outdoor activities and everyday use.

Food Containers: Keep your meals fresh and ready to eat with RTIC’s food containers. Whether you need to pack a lunch for work or store leftovers from your outdoor cookout, these containers are designed to keep your food at the right temperature until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Chairs and Seating: Relax and unwind in comfort with RTIC’s portable chairs and seating options. These chairs are lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry, making them ideal for camping, picnics, and other outdoor events.

Blankets and Mats: Stay cozy and comfortable outdoors with RTIC’s blankets and mats. Made with soft and durable materials, these products are perfect for picnics, beach days, and camping trips.

Accessories: RTIC also offers a range of accessories to complement their outdoor gear, including coolers accessories like divider baskets, ice packs, and cooler tie-down kits. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and performance of your RTIC products.

Apparel: Show off your love for the outdoors with RTIC’s stylish apparel. From t-shirts and hats to hoodies and jackets, their apparel collection features comfortable and functional designs for outdoor enthusiasts.

About RTIC Outdoors

RTIC Outdoors is a renowned brand that has captured the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts with its dedication to building reliable and affordable outdoor gear. Founded by entrepreneurial twin brothers, John and Jim Jacobsen, the company has a passion for providing high-quality products without breaking the bank. Their mission is to shorten the distance between customers and their ideal gear, revolutionizing traditional business models and distribution channels.

At the core of RTIC’s ethos is the belief that adventure should be the focus, not excessive spending on gear. The brand’s commitment to overbuilding its products without overpricing them has won the loyalty of countless satisfied customers. Their range of offerings includes ice coolers and barbecue grills, designed to enhance outdoor experiences like tailgate parties and fly fishing trips along the Bighorn River.

As a direct-to-consumer retailer, RTIC eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, big-box retailers, and complex distribution networks. By cutting out these middlemen, they can offer a compelling value proposition on their quality rotomolded coolers. RTIC serves as the brand, importer, shop, and marketing arm all in one, allowing them to keep costs low while maintaining the utmost product quality.

Based in Houston, Texas, RTIC Outdoors operates from five fulfillment warehouses strategically located across the United States in Fresno, California, Romeoville, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Pittston, Pennsylvania. This widespread presence ensures efficient and timely delivery of their products to customers nationwide.

One of the keys to RTIC’s success lies in harnessing the power of word-of-mouth marketing and social media. Genuine customer testimonials and experiences have amplified their message, speaking to a new truth in the retail industry. Instead of relying on celebrity endorsements or traditional marketing tactics, RTIC builds its reputation through real people sharing their satisfaction with the brand.

The brand’s flagship product, the RTIC rotomolded cooler, has garnered significant attention for its exceptional quality and features at a fraction of the price found in retail outlets. By bypassing the traditional cooler distribution channel, RTIC can offer superior coolers that meet customer demands without the hefty markup.

John and Jim Jacobsen’s vision for RTIC Outdoors remains steadfast to providing adventure enthusiasts with the gear they need to embark on memorable journeys. Their dedication to creating high-quality, affordable products for all ensures that outdoor enthusiasts can focus their investments on the adventures themselves rather than the gear. With their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative approach to retail, RTIC continues to thrive as a beloved brand in the world of outdoor gear.

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